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Have you tried unsuccessfully to sell your house in Florida in the traditional way?

We are able to help you even if the estate agents cannot keep their promise to sell your house within the time frame you require. Selling a house with an estate agent is not the best option for everyone.

BustOffer has a unique way to get the job done. You will receive a cash payment offer for your house within 24 hours after you call us or provide us with your property information in the form below. If you accept our offer, you choose the closing date regardless of whether your house is in a terrible condition or is occupied by annoying tenants who refuse to leave. You do not need to worry about anything! We do the heavy work for you; we buy your house quickly and close within a week. We are able to close houses quickly because we pay cash, which is more convenient and easier to do. In addition, we are able to buy houses in all parts of Florida for cash and do not rely on traditional bank financing as this process could fail or cause delays.

You do not have to deal with the burden of your unwanted property for another minute. We can buy your house in Miami Shores immediately, no matter what condition it is in!

We buy houses in Miami Shores, Florida. If you need to sell your house quickly, you have come to the right place.

For most homeowners, the sale of a home is associated with mixed feelings of sadness, fear or discomfort due to the uncertainty that comes with it. Many people spend most of their lives in a single house, even if it is an inherited property or a rented apartment, but difficult financial situations force people to sell their houses under Miami Shores all the time, while some other people simply sell their houses for other reasons.

Why do homeowners prefer to sell their houses to home buyers? Homeowners sell their houses to "We buy houses" companies, which are direct buyers for many reasons, but mainly because the sale is always quick. People sell their houses in Miami Shores for many reasons, including financial hardship, so you don't have to feel alone when you find yourself in such a situation. Most of these people turn to companies with the slogan "We buy houses" in such situations. When they try to collect debts owed, pawnee creditors, banks, tax collectors and debtors become quite ruthless and can move on to foreclosing your property quickly. We can work with you to settle your debts and pay you cash for your home as soon as possible!

Receive a quick and non-binding cash offer from our network of experienced real estate investors in Miami Shores, Florida. We are interested in buying your house for cash, whether it is under ground lease, needs serious repairs or you simply need a quick cash sale. Our investors will be happy to make you an offer for your house and close in a few days.


As investors we have been in the business of buying houses in Miami Shores for over 3 decades. We are flexible: you can contact us by phone or in one-on-one meetings, so we can present your options and help you choose what works best. We do not try to limit you when we make you an offer. You are 100% free to review other offers to see how they compare to ours. We always offer you the best prices you can get from any investor. With our packages we can buy more houses compared to our competitors because we close in only three days and you do not have to pay any closing costs.

Are there people who buy houses for cash in Miami Shores, Florida?

We buy Florida houses for cash, and have been doing so for over a decade. Our offers are highly sought after because we carefully consider the needs of homeowners and at the same time try to determine the most appropriate price.'s buy your house fast!

We represent both homeowners and investors to ensure that both parties are mutually satisfied. Our team consists of real estate experts who know the rules for real estate investments and strictly follow them.

It is not so easy to find buyers for houses that require costly renovation before the new owners can feel comfortable in them. But we know exactly how to find buyers who are interested in such houses and how to put them in touch with the distressed owners.

Are you stuck in the process of selling your house?

Selling your house on your own is a very daunting task. When you sell for the first time, you may find it difficult to find a qualified buyer who is willing to buy your house quickly.

FASTER AND EASIER PROCESS! Many homeowners ask: "How can I sell my house in Miami Shores quickly? Selling your house for cash is a great way to sell your house quickly and get your money immediately. It is a very practical option if you have a lot of equity on the property, but it may not be the best option if you have little or no equity. If you prefer a cashless offer, we can come up with something and make you an offer with a discount in order to make some profit and minimize the risks we will have to take, as we still have to cover marketing costs, repair costs, transportation costs, financing costs, closing costs, the risks of a long market presence of the house and the tax payments when selling the house.

Nowadays you can sell your house quickly over the Internet, even if you are selling for the first time. You can find a reliable buyer at any time and any day, but for a smooth sale you need to have some experience in the real estate business.

What is the ugliest thing a house can be before it is rejected by people who are quick to buy houses?

Ha ha... You will be surprised to learn that ugly houses sell even faster these days. Well, we speak for ourselves, because we buy houses fast, ugly and beautiful at the same time.

What we indicate is the price we offer you. This is the amount that will be transferred to your account. You have to clarify the tax payments with your tax advisor.

However, this does not mean that some other companies can or will be able to offer you a quality service. But ask them who will pay the legal fees before you conclude that their offer is more attractive.

Do you want to sell your house in Miami Shores, Florida quickly?

Contact us immediately if you want to sell your house quickly and easily in Miami Shores. Haven't had any luck selling your house with an MLS broker or trying to sell it yourself (FSBO for sale by owner)? We can help you. We are willing to work with you or with your broker (if you have hired one). Who we work with is not a problem; our goal is to buy property from owners who want to sell their property in Miami Shores.

Listing your property has many disadvantages. For example, it leaves you in a state of uncertainty and makes you compete with others for buyers. In such circumstances, buyers would most likely step aside and offer you ready-to-move-in homes if your home needs repairs that they are not willing to spend money on. There is also the unpleasant and annoying part of an open house, where strangers can come almost anytime to look at the house. However, most homeowners would like to sell their houses in Florida without the entire neighborhood knowing about it.

If you are lucky enough to find a buyer, the contingencies that he or she has brought to the business can be numerous. It is also possible that he or she will not be able to obtain the loan approvals required to purchase your home, which can cause further delays and end up being a waste of your time and costing you more money due to the extra waiting time.

You can sell your house to us for cash. Start by telling us about your situation today.

BustOffer is a family business offering real estate solutions for homeowners. We are in business to find a solution to your real estate problem, regardless of whether you are having difficulty selling, are about to face foreclosure or want to sell your house quickly for some other reason.

We are NOT in business to exploit people in difficult situations. Rather, our goal is to improve their lives and to make some profit for ourselves in the process. We are committed to ethical behavior, respect and non-discrimination in all our transactions.

Do you need to verify our claims? We will gladly give you access to our bankers and references confirming that we are qualified investors who can secure the loan to close your home quickly.

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